We offer a way to plan your innovative solutions

Concept Creation

Developing innovative products and solutions is expensive, difficult  and often risky, as success is not guaranteed. We are committed to lowering these hurdles and supporting you in developing your innovative solutions. Our recommended way is to start with a concept to plan ahead your project. 

ACTA-Soft takes pride in offering a diverse portfolio of services. We are here to meet all your needs and support your innovation project. Bring in a challenge, an idea or a first solution and we will develop a detailed concept. Read more about our way of planning your innovation and what you can expect.

Our Way of Developing Concepts

Each project requires an individual concept. Commonly, one team comes together and develops your concept. We at ACTA-Soft take it a step further by developing multiple concepts independently from each other. This is achieved by forming multiple teams that compete in a concept development contest run by ACTA-Soft.

Our community comprises of experienced, committed and enthusiastic talents. They are handpicked to meet the needs of each project. Read more about our community:  

Each of our multiple teams develops an entire concept. They come up with individual approaches and solutions for your needs.

What do you gain?

Based on our experience we have come up with a base process that will be tailored to your needs. It applies to either developing one concept with a single team or running our contest for multiple independent concepts:


Your Benefit From the Concepts

All our results are specifically tailored to you and your project. Regardless of what you order, a single concept or a contest with multiple concepts, all of them will cover the following main areas

Even if there is no idea or solution in the very beginning, our teams focus on developing and specifying one. Further, we will address project specific aspects. This can include for example a market analysis or an estimation of the product potential. 

The detailed analysis and solution specification will allow for a realistic estimation of your way to market introduction. Financial and technical risks as well as opportunities will be revealed during the concept development and better estimated afterwards. 

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