We support your product development

Software Engineering

Software engineering is not just about implementing a tool. It is about thinking ahead and creating long-lasting solutions. We at ACTA-Soft implement paths to our customer’s visions. We support their innovation projects and solve the most challenging tasks.

ACTA-Soft offers a diverse portfolio of services. Our flexibility allows us to meet the various needs of our customers. Regardless of the needs, creating innovative solutions remains at the heart of our work. Implementing prototypes, conducting proof of concepts and developing your software solutions are some of our most requested services. We are constantly expanding our team and expertise, so feel free to contact us with any software engineering needs.  

Our Way of Working

We believe in providing the best solutions that satisfy our customers. When presented with a task, we identify the requirements of the task and put together a team of experts. This team will do a thorough analysis and enable us to make you a comprehensive offer. Our work is organized in an agile manner which allows us to flexibly adjust to project changes and minimize process overhead. Our development focuses on our customers and incorporates their feedback at any time to guarantee optimal results. Also the composition of our teams is constantly adjusted to match your project requirements. With every project we aim to exceed our customers needs.

Exemplary Customers

“Innovators”: An imaginary Start Up, founded by three graduates, who are developing their MVP. Requirements and product plans are volatile. Limited time and restricted budgets impose additional hurdles for them. ACTA-Soft comes to the rescue and supports the development. We provide a tailored team of specialists who guarantee efficient development and expert knowledge. Flexibility in the team setup allows to respond quickly to project changes. Working with brilliant students allows us to offer cost efficient solutions.

Innovator Start Up

"Traditional Paperwork": An imaginary medium-sized company that has a traditional structure and is family owned. For the 85 employees digitalization has never been a topic. ACTA-Soft develops custom solutions to simplify their business processes. We design solutions to work seamless and integrate well into the existing business. Our special focus on user experience enables employees to transition efficiently to the new solutions. Working with ACTA-Soft makes the company more competitive than ever.

Traditional Paperwork Medium-sized Company

"Dream Big": An imaginary international corporation that has several thousand employees. Their IT department collaborates with ACTA-Soft to develop a modern and creative application. ACTA-Soft has put together a team of experts that complements the project team on customer side. Together, they develop an application that integrates well into the existing landscape and can be efficiently operated by the customer. We will continue to support the customer with any future needs.

Dream Big Dream Big

Steps to Your Innovative Solutions

Below we present a roadmap for providing your innovative solutions. It serves as a sample and will be tailored specifically to your project.

Step 1: Request
Your challenge needs a solution

Tell us what you have in mind. A few words explaining your idea, problem, or goal is enough for the first step. 

Step 2: Proposal
We come up with possible solutions

Based on your description we develop a first concept of possible solutions and a plan to get it running.

Step 3: Review
Give us feedback on our proposal

Let us know what you like and what you don't like about our proposal. We will be happy to improve it to match your needs. You will receive a nonbinding offer. 

Step 4: Kickoff
Give us the green light to start realizing the solution.

Let's start the project officially, once you are satisfied with our solution proposal and offer.

Step 5: Progression
We keep you up to date after each sprint

Throughout the project we will update you on our progress and are open to feedback.

Step 6: Delivery
Receive your solution

We will present our working results to you and handover the solution.