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ACTA-Soft offers a wide range of services. The most requested services can be summed up into two categories:

  • Concept Creation: We develop detailed concepts to support your innovation
  • Software Engineering: We conduct proof of concepts, build prototypes and create software solutions

An integral part of offering this diverse portfolio of services is our community. 

Selected Projects

Our customers range from Start-Ups to medium-sized companies all the way to large companies from industry. As our customers vary, the projects do. Starting with the creation of business plans we also create prototypes and lead applications into productive usage. Take a look at some of our latest projects:

The Source for Outstanding Solutions - Our Community

ACTA-Soft deeply values its young community of experienced, committed and enthusiastic talents. Our community embodies our passion, excellence, lean and responsive way of working just as much as our strive for creating synergy. All our talents are hand picked to meet your high quality expectations. 

Each of our talents brings individual knowledge and expertise from various backgrounds. Your project will have the creativity and brilliant minds from our community as an unlimited resource. Our pool of talents allows us to put together a team that will fit your projects needs. We continuously evaluate the effectiveness of our multidisciplinary  teams and make adjustments accordingly.

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FAQs that you may have

The easiest way to submit a project request is to use our contact form or contact us directly. Please provide us some information of your project needs. Any information you provide will be confidential.

In most cases, the preparation for your project takes only a few days. In the meantime, we come up with an initial concept and a non-binding offer. Based on your feedback, we will refine the concept and offer until it meets all your needs and requirements. Let us know if you have time constraints. We will be glad to adjust the process accordingly.

A brief description of your plans will be sufficient to start the project request. However, the more information you provide, the more detailed our initial concept can be. During the review step there will always be more opportunities to expand upon the project.


Based the information you provide, we create a project one-pager for your request. After your review, the one-pager will be submitted to our protected internal community area. Our community of talents will come back soon with ideas, comments, and solution concepts. Unless otherwise agreed, the project one-pager is usually anonymous, non-binding and it comes at no cost at all.

Our multidisciplinary community combines expertise in the fields of software devolopment, scientific work and project management. Our focus is on the development of prototypes, conducting proof of concept and finding innovative software solutions. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions or concerns. Together we will explore the necessary skills for your project and figure out if and how we can support you.

The cost depends primarily on the complexity of the project. The calculation will be based on the project proposal and the respective effort estimation of our teams. Since our teams do the requirement analysis and provide solution concepts independently, you might get different offers with different prices, from which you can choose.

Let’s take a look at an example: assume you have a small project for building a prototype of a software tool. A scrum-team of 3 full-time talents (2 Python-Experts and one UX-Designer) work in 4 sprints (one sprint is an intensive implementation period of one week in our case). It will cost about 14.000 € plus VAT.

We rely on the self-organization of our community of talents. After your project request is submitted, our interested talents will form teams, propose their solution and estimate the cost for the project. Afterwards, we can support you in choosing the best-fit solution and team. In other words: you are directly involved in choosing the team. 

Yes, we can incorporate changes at any time during the project, as we are agile and highly flexible. In most projects we work according to the SCRUM framework. It allows us to rapidly react to changing requirements and conditions. Furthermore, we offer you regular updates during the development and you can give feedback right away.

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